THUMBWARS is the first adventure entertainment gameshow all about apps! An ground-breaking treasure hunt TV show from South Africa. The format was created by Grazyna Koscielska from Stimulii Media, produced already in South Africa and currently in production in China and UAE.

AXXE has developed the interactive and transmedia gameplay for Stimulii, designing a comprehensive alternate reality game which enables viewers to play along the show while aired and during the week in asynchronous mode.  

In each stand-alone episode of ThumbWars, four new teams of cross-generational contestants set off on an incredible day-long adventure, using smart phones to follow a series of hi-tech clues that explore the fascinating history and culture of your country.  Guiding each team along their route is the Controller, a cool calm guy-in-the-sky who communicates with the teams via their smartphones.

At each location, teams must use a wide range  of  phone applications - from MMS to face recognition software to mobile internet search - to crack the Clue and tackle the Challenge. Smartphone technology is the unique heart of ThumbWars, using familiar and specially-designed apps not only to tell contestants what to do, but also to offer them the tools to do it.  

ThumbWars is full of tension and drama.     

ThumbWars is built with a transmedia storytelling, but it's also all about accessible contents. Every hunt, every location, every challenge, is designed to unlock the extraordinary and unusual history and culture of your country, and to offer viewers of all ages great take-home. With its fully interactive design that allows the viewer to play along and win prizes, ThumbWars really does use the future to explore the past.