Sound Democracy


SOUND DEMOCRACY is a ground-breaking music show for TV, engaging the viewer into a unique entertainment experience.

By interacting from home, the audience shapes in real time the music performed on stage by both famous and emerging artists, creating together new tracks and remixing existing hits. Social music creation & pure fun.

Viewers can play for free with any smartphone, tablet or laptop, or just sending text messages from any mobile.
A ìtwo-screenî interaction that allows viewers to take part in the music and play along with the bands through a challenging casual game.

At the end of each show, the new music track composed and performed at SOUND DEMOCRACY is available to be downloaded and enjoyed by all the participating viewers.

Also a remix contest is open for those who wish to take it a step further.
Viewers can win prizes just by participating, while the best gamers are awarded with travel vouchers and VIP tickets for amazing concerts.

SOUND DEMOCRACY is an extraordinary show, a social music game that ensures fun with all kind of formation and music styles, from unplugged rock to electronic music.

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